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Phone 1300 899 850 to book an appointment or complete our contact form

The staff at Dr Knight's rooms and Demeter Fertility will be happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Our fertility clinic locations in Hurstville and Liverpool are easily accessible from anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area, Blue Mountains and south to the Illawarra.

Even if you live outside the Sydney area, you can still easily work with Dr Knight. His fertility treatment plans are flexible and he works with each patient to accommodate their unique needs. He has looked after patients from all states of Australia, including rural areas, as well as patients from many overseas countries.

About Appointment Scheduling

Pregnancy is not a perfectly timed event, and your opportunity for success comes every month. Recognising this, Dr Knight is available seven days a week, every day of the year. Appointments and fertility treatment procedures are scheduled as follows;

  • New patient consultations/appointments are scheduled 9am - 3.30pm, Monday to Thursday.
  • Fertility treatments continue Fridays, Saturday, Sundays and holidays usually between 7am and noon.
  • Ultrasounds, inseminations, egg collections and transfers are performed at the proper time, even on weekends.
  • IVF cycles are initiated throughout the year, tuned to a patient's menstrual cycle.
  • Dr Knight delivers babies and covers for emergency obstetrics 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fees & Financial Consultations

A complete fee list is available by calling 1300 899 850. Financial consultations may be arranged during regular office hours. Dr Knight's staff will be happy to answer any financial questions you may have regarding fertility treatment.

We can assist you by reviewing topics such as insurance benefits and the pros and cons of different financial options. Set up an appointment today for financial consultations by calling 1300 899 850.

Our IVF clinic addresses


Suite 7, Level 7, Waratah Private Hospital Consulting Suites, 31 Dora St, Hurstville NSW 2220 Parking: Free Parking

Parking: Free Parking with eight stories under cover


Level 2, 13-15 Moore St, Liverpool NSW 2170